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Teaching & Learning Collection: Ray Howard Library

Resources for instructors who want to build their teaching practice.


The Library is a space where students, faculty and staff learn what they need to in order to become who they want to be. 

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Books on teaching & learning can be part of an instructor's personal professional development, as they grow their own teaching practice.  Search using the keywords teaching learning or browse the selected list below.  Visit the library to check out books from the teaching & learning collection. 

Recently Added Books

370.115 H784 Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom / MAIN
370.15 J541 The trauma-sensitive classroom : building resilience with compassionate teaching / MAIN
370.153 M251 Teaching for purpose : preparing students for lives of meaning / MAIN
370.71 S717 SoTL in action : illuminating critical moments of practice / MAIN
370.72 E247 Educational research in the age of anthropocene / MAIN
370.951 H249 Lessons in being Chinese : minority education and ethnic identity in Southwest China / MAIN
371.102 A283 Onward : cultivating emotional resilience in educators / MAIN
371.102 K212 Teaching with compassion : an educator's oath to teach from the heart / MAIN
371.102 W872 The classroom management book / MAIN
371.2 S121 Hacking assessment : 10 ways to go gradeless in a traditional grades school / MAIN
371.26 K424 Test-taking strategies / MAIN
371.3 C678 Designing groupwork : strategies for the heterogeneous classroom / MAIN
371.335 P641 Visual note-taking for educators : a teacher's guide to student creativity / MAIN
371.396 R496 Hitting pause : 65 lecture breaks to refresh and reinforce learning / MAIN
371.826 T253 Teaching, affirming, and recognizing trans* and gender creative youth : a queer literacy framework / MAIN
371.826 V561 Bandwidth recovery : helping students reclaim cognitive resources lost to poverty, racism, and social marginalization / MAIN
371.829 G946 The guide for White women who teach Black boys : understanding, connecting, respecting / MAIN
371.9144 G489 Dyslexia at college / MAIN
378.009 W582 Volume 1 "White" washing American education : the new culture wars in ethnic studies / MAIN
378.009 W582 Volume 2 "White" washing American education : the new culture wars in ethnic studies / MAIN
378.1 C645 Closing the opportunity gap : identity-conscious strategies for retention and student success / MAIN
378.125 E967 Exploring signature pedagogies : approaches to teaching disciplinary habits of mind / MAIN
378.125 E9671 Exploring more signature pedagogies : approaches to teaching disciplinary habits of mind / MAIN
378.125 F758 Fostering habits of mind in today's students : a new approach to developmental education / MAIN
378.125 T772 Transparent design in higher education teaching and learning : a guide to implementing the transparency framework institution-wide to improve learning and retention / MAIN
378.125 U854 Using reflection and metacognition to improve student learning : across the disciplines, across the academy / MAIN
378.1702 C851 The study skills handbook / MAIN
378.73 K153 DIY U : edupunks, edupreneurs, and the coming transformation of higher education / MAIN
378.73 M478 Reforming gen ed : strategies for success on your campus / MAIN

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