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Statistics: Using These Statistics

Statistics and data help back up a claim you make in a research or persuasive paper. Find more statistics in the reference section of the library.

What's in this guide?

Find links to statistical resources available via the Web. Enter by using the subject tabs above OR click on the subject links listed on the right.

Understanding Statistics

"Statistics is a tricky business. The casual reader doesn't understand statistics in any great depth, while the experienced reader often knows a lot about the subject. Balancing between these two extremes is often difficult, and far from natural."  from Writing with Statistics from Purdue's OWL.  

Writing with Statistics.    A guide from Purdue's OWL on how to write with statistics.  Guides on writing descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as tips on do's and don'ts of writing with statistics. 

Statistics.  A guide from University of North Carolina's Writing Center on using statistics to make your argument useful. A guide to understanding basic statistics for those without stellar math skills.

How to Lie with Statistics.  Print format book discussing how statistics may be misleading.