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Requesting Books or Scans

About the curbside pickup and reserves scanning services at Ray Howard Library.

Curbside Service is No Longer Available

Items previously available through curbside are now available through that department. See below for specific instructions to get an item. 

Music Equipment

Music Equipment Request

Please visit Music students portal website to request the equipment.
Music / Music students ONLY


Bookstore Textbooks 

Rented or purchased textbooks can be picked up from the Bookstore location in the 9000 Building (Room 9114).


Visual Arts Program Equipment - Cameras

Visit room 2057 in the 2000 building. You can request equipment by leaving a voicemail at (206) 546-4671 or by emailing Mary Bonar.

Get Items

Please go to the following departments to Pick Up or Drop Off

Science Kits                    9000 building - room 9114
Science Kit          

CEO                                5000 building - Room 5101
CEO program Textbooks
        (206) 546-7844  
Running Start                    5000 building - room 5229
Running Start Textbooks
        (206) 546-6909

Library                                 4000 building - room 4200
Laptops, Webcams,  
& library items                      (206) 546-4556


If you need directions, please refer to the campus map at
or call: 206-546-4101
or email

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