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Library Resources for Canvas

This guide includes instructions for integrating Ray Howard Library resources into Canvas. This guide is primarily for instructors.

Embed Learning Guides (Libguides) in Canvas

Learning guides help students identify and use the best resources for a particular subject area. Learning guides are listed here

Instructors can embed learning guides into a Canvas course so students have immediate access to curated resources for projects and papers.

To embed a guide into Canvas:

  • Add a new Module 
  • Add an item to your module. 
  • Add an External URL 
  • Enter the URL for the research guide. (Be sure the URL begins with https. Example: )
  • Add a Page Name
  • Leave Load in a new tab unchecked 
  • Click Add Item 

Watch a step-by-step video on how to embed a learning guide (libguide) into your Canvas course. 


1 The first step is to open your canvas course and click Modules.

Step 1 image

2 Click Add Module

Step 2 image

3 Type Module Name*

Step 3 image

4 Click Add Module

Step 4 image

5 Click Add Content to module plus sign (+)

Step 5 image

6 Click Assignment

Step 6 image

7 Select External URL

Step 7 image

8 Type URL of the learning guide. Make sure to use https

Step 8 image

9 Type a name for your page

Step 9 image

10 Click Add Item. Leave load in a new tab unclicked. 

Step 10 image

11 Click Corona virus learning guide to see how it works. 

Step 11 image

12 That's it. You're done.


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