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ENGL& 113 Intro to Poetry (Oldham) : Poetry

Introduction to Poetry (Oldham)

Poetry Websites

There are lots of poetry sites online. Here are a few that I think are especially good, based on reliability, amount of information available and number of poems.

Poems and Poets

Here are some links to poems available on line. Most come from the sites listed in the box on the left (especially the first two in the list), where you can also find biographical information about the poets, other poems by the same poets, critical analysis of some poems, and other poetry resources.

Poets are arranged in alphabetical order by last name.

(There are a few more poems on the class Blackboard site. These are poems that are not available online, which I cannot put up on the LibGuide for copyright reasons. Go to Blackboard, English 111, and choose "Content" to find these poems.)

Short Readings on Poetry

I've assembled here a small collection of short readings on various aspects of poetry, including comments on poetry from other cultures and brief analyses of certain poems, to provide further insight into what poetry is and how it works.

Poetry Criticism

A few selected essays and commentaries. Optional reading.

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