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About the Library: Rules and More

This is a combination of library rules and campus guidelines that are enforced in the library.

Food Policy


Library’s Food and Drink Rules are intended to prevent damage to library materials, computer equipment, and furnishings while allowing for the maintenance of a comfortable environment for library user use. Food and drinks are allowed in the public areas of the library under the guidelines listed below.


Messy? Strong smell?

Not Allowed!

No messy, smelly foods, including fast food are allowed (e.g., sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads, soup). We discourage eating meals in the library. The PUB building has a great cafeteria space!


Got a lid? Tidy snack?

Come on in!

Food is limited to pre-packaged or wrapped snacks for individual consumption. Drinks are limited to spill-proof containers such as travel mugs and beverage bottles with drinking spouts.

Update Information

Updated 4/11/2018

Contact: Claire Murata

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