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About the Library: Rules and More

This is a combination of library rules and campus guidelines that are enforced in the library.

Unattended Children







For purpose of this policy and procedures and pursuant to RCW 13.34.030 – Juvenile Court Act, RCW 74.12.020 – Child Welfare Services, and RCW 26.28.010 – Age of Majority, a child is an individual under the age of eighteen (18).



As an institution of higher education, the College provides educational and support services primarily to adult learners.  Under certain circumstances and under the auspices of special programs, students under the age of eighteen (18) also attend classes and/or participate in programs or activities on campus. Children without supervision (unattended) may disrupt the educational process or work setting, and possibly create a safety hazard for the children themselves or for others on the College campus.


The College is a public facility of the State of Washington, available to its students as well as to the general public who may wish to use its facilities, learn about its services and programs, or attend functions on the campus.  Citizens have the right to use the facilities of the College and to visit the campus during normal business hours of operation.



The College recognizes that children often appropriately accompany adults during visits to campus.  Children, however, need at all times to be under the supervision of the accompanying adult.  It is inappropriate for the adult to ask members of the college community (administrators, faculty, staff, or students) to assume these responsibilities, unless s/he is leaving the child in a college program sanctioned for children.



Therefore, through the following procedures, the College seeks to create a safer environment on campus, which is conducive to and supports the effective conduct of the educational process.








1.      No employee, student, or visitor to the College shall leave a child unattended at the College, nor may such person leave a child with a College employee or student, unless that child is enrolled in an authorized program of the College.



It is not recommended that employees bring children with them to work sites or classes.  Employees may bring children to their work sites and/or classes on exceptional and infrequent circumstances.  Examples of unusual circumstances might include, but are not limited to:  school closure, emergency child care/day care closure.


 The parent/accompanying adult is solely responsible for the child(ren).



Shoreline Community College offers certain programs and activities targeted toward children, such as Parent Child Center and sports camps.  The College provides supervision for children during their participation in these activities.  Shoreline Community College provides childcare in its daycare facility.   The College does not supervise children outside of such officially sanctioned programs and neither the College nor its employees, agents, or students may accept responsibility to do so on behalf of the College.

2.      Unattended children on the Shoreline Community College campus may be referred to campus security for assistance.



3.      This procedure pertains to all employees and persons (including vendors) who visit the College, participate in classes, and/or programs, events or other activities.




                        Approved by:

                                                                        President’s Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4/1/02

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Updated: 4/1/02

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