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About the Library: Rules and More

This is a combination of library rules and campus guidelines that are enforced in the library.

Library Patron Behavior & Conduct Guidelines

Library Patron Behavior & Conduct Guidelines


The Library has the responsibility to provide a pleasant, orderly facility conducive to effective use of library materials and services.  The library staff has the responsibility for maintaining order in the library to assure a pleasant experience for all users. To meet this responsibility, the staff will need to intervene courteously, but firmly, in situations at the library that present danger to the safety of persons or property, interfere with legitimate use of the library and library resources, constitute disturbing or inappropriate uses of the library, or involve the commission of illegal acts.

    • Disruptive behavior and conditions will not be permitted. This includes disorderly conduct, noise or activity, whether intentional or inadvertent, that interferes with interfere with legitimate use of the library and library resources, physical abuse, abusive or threatening language and the misuse of library furnishings.  

    • When the behavior or condition of a patron violates library policies or creates a disruption which interferes with the use of the library by other patrons or a staff member's completion of his/her duties, the following progressive steps will be taken:

      • The library staff member will issue a verbal warning, with the statement that the person(s) will be told to leave if the behavior/condition in question does not cease.

      •  If the disruptive behavior/condition continues after the verbal warning, the staff member will tell the person(s) to leave the library.

      • If there is difficulty in getting the person(s) to leave the library, the staff member will call Safety & Security at (206) 546-4633.

    •  Information on each incident will be documented on an Incident Report form. This confidential information may be used in any decision to restrict the individual’s use of the library. These records will be retained for three (3) years.


Policy 5030

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Updated: 2/28/14

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