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Project Textbook: About the Project

The Ray W. Howard Library has started its pilot program of offering every textbook from every class at Shoreline at the library for checkout.

The Plan for Project Textbook


  • Buy one copy of every textbook taught in the most common courses taken in the first quarter of an AA degree. 
  • Provide textbooks to students at the library Reserves Counter with a two hour checkout period

Check Out a Textbook

The Reserves Collection

The library has a collection of textbooks and other educational materials that are checked out for a much shorter time than the rest of the items in the library. The library calls these special items Course Reserves. 

Why Did We Start Project Textbook


  • Students often decline to purchase textbooks due to high cost and inconvenience 
  • Students often purchase incorrect editions because they are less expensive
  • We want to decrease the barriers to success by providing a textbook option

How You Can Help

Donating Textbooks to the Library

Are you being offered only very low prices when you offer to sell your textbooks back to the bookstore? Consider donating them to the library where your textbook will be well-used and appreciated by students in years to come. 

Email the Librarians

Changes at the Campus Bookstore

Plan to Purchase Textbooks?

The college no longer sells textbooks on campus at the bookstore. There has been an agreement made with The University Bookstore to provide Shoreline Community College students with their textbooks.

Want to Know More? 

Here's some information about the recent changes to the campus bookstore. 

Textbook Market


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