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Library Rules & Guidelines

The library has food, noise, telephone, and conduct guidelines along with rules that pertain to bringing small children along.

Noise Rules

As an academic institution the Shoreline Community College Library Media Center has a mission to advance the learning and knowledge of students and the community at large.  We strive to provide areas within the building to allow for different needs and styles of learning.  These include quiet study areas, group study rooms and areas where quiet conversation is allowed for research. 


1.      Quiet Zones:

A. Quiet Study - The computer lab on the 1st floor of the building, 4102. The computer lab is for quiet study only, no group work is allowed. This is the place to go on campus for a quiet space to do your work.

B. Interactive Research - the Reference and Computer area on the main floor, and the lounge area at the north end of the main floor.  Quiet conversation with staff and other students is permitted to facilitate research.

C. Group Study - Room 4229-4234.  Conversation between groups of library users is permitted. Six study rooms are available – see Room Use Policy for use.

D. Foyer – cell phone conversations must be conducted at a volume that does not disturb those studying in the library.

2.      In all areas of the library users are asked to be courteous and respectful of others’ right to study and refrain from actions that might disturb others.  Such activities include, but are not limited to, loud conversations, cell phone use, and headsets used with a volume level that is audible to others.

3.      A library user who is disturbed by noise is encouraged to seek a staff member to address the situation.

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