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Use this Learning Guide to get started using Noodletools for citation, research help, and pre-writing.

How to Cite with Noodle Tools

Start by creating a new project in Noodle Tools. Make a new project for each essay, paper, or research project. Each project can contain many citations, but results in one bibliography, works cited, or references page. 

screenshot of Noodle Tools

  1. Select the citation style your instructor has requested
  2. Always choose "advanced" as the citation level
  3. Type a brief description to help you identify your project later

A journal article from an online database

An article from a database is one of the most commonly cited sources. Noodle Tools will ask you about the article. If you're having trouble identifying the elements of the article, click the picture below to get the anatomy of a scholarly article. 

screenshot of Noodle Tools

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