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Use this Learning Guide to get started using Noodletools for citation, research help, and pre-writing.

Noodle Tools Builds Citations

What is Noodle Tools?

Noodle Tools is a citation generator. You'll type in the information about the resource and Noodle Tools will generate the formatting, order, and punctuation for each source you cite. 


How do I use Noodle Tools?

The library pays for premium account access to Noodle Tools. Being a student at Shoreline Community College entitles you to your own account where your citations and projects can be saved. If you access Noodle Tools from a computer on campus, you can make a free account that you can reuse anytime you need to build a bibliography, reference list, or works cited. To access Noodle Tools from your computer at home, call the reference desk at Shoreline Community College for a special password that will give you access from off-campus. 

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