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Embedded Librarian

Jeannette Idiart and Claire Murata have been working on the embedded librarian in English 102 for three quarters.  Last quarter, Pam Dusenberry and Claire Murata also performed the experiment.  This quarter, Claire Murata is giving six of the workshops for Mariam Merrins's English 102.  

The purpose of the experiment was for the English instructor and the librarian to learn more deeply what each other does; to explore seamless integration of research skills and the world of information into the writing process; and to build lesson plans and learning objects that can be used by librarians or English instructors.  We developed eight 50 minute- hour and a half lessons that can be modified or used in any way anyone wants to.  

These are the English assignments, the lesson plans built with them, and the assignments that accompany.  

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Lit review provided by Kaijsa Calkins. 


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ACRL Standards for Distance Library Services.

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