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Computers, wireless, printing, and more

The library has printers, copiers, scanners, and more available for use.


Printing costs:

Black and White Printouts




 per page


  per page

Color Printouts




 per page


  per page

To pay for printing:

  1. Add money to your student ID on a Value Add Machine
  2. Print from the computer as you would normally.
  3. When the computer prompts you for a username, type a name that will help you remember what you printed.
  4. Swipe your ID card through the black ID card reader next to print station. The print station will the prompt you for your student PIN. The PIN is typically your date of birth, MMDDYY.
  5. The print station will then display a list of all the print jobs that are ready to print. Click to highlight your job(s), and hit the print button.

If your birthday is:

February 07, 1985

Your PIN # is:



Printing from Laptop

You can print directly from your laptop if you have a wireless connection. To do this, you must download the appropriate software for your device and choose the correct network printer from the list once it is installed. 

If you've followed the steps correctly, you will see a prompt for a username the same way you would see it on a computer in the computer labs in the library. 

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