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Multicultural Studies: Researching Multicultural Studies

Suggest Databases

The following databases contain articles on social issues and current events, and are good places to search for scholarly, peer reviewed articles, as well as news sources that are not freely available online.  A Shoreline Community College login is required to view these resources from off-campus.


Since Multicultural Studies covers various subjects, using keywords within that subject to conduct your research is the best path to follow. Keywords are words or short phrases that express an idea or concept. For example, if I would look for a brownie recipe through Google, I would type in the keywords "brownie recipe". If I were to type "chocolate desserts" or "brownies", the former would bring up results on ice cream, cakes, and fudge, while the latter would give me results on anything brownie related. In other words, results NOT relevant to my research query.   

When it comes to research, ask yourself: What information do I need? Get specific! Are you looking for information on LGBT communities? Why? What is it that you would like to know? Is it the history of LGBT rights in the United States? Is it how the LGBT community is represented in the media? Direct all your search queries to that. When you access Shoreline's databases, try the keywords: LGBT and Media, LGBT rights and United States, Gays & Lesbians and Civil Rights. 

As always, if you find yourself stuck, please come to the library where our wonderful librarians would be more than happy to get you past that research wall. 

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