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About the Library: Rules and More

This is a combination of library rules and campus guidelines that are enforced in the library.

Policy Enforcement

In general, where students or clients are in violation of College or LMC policies/guidelines, they should be stopped, told specifically what policy or guideline is not being followed, and given a written copy if necessary.

1.      If the individual is repeatedly (after at least three warnings) ignoring the policy/guideline, the LMC permanent staff or faculty on duty may ask to see their student or other identification. Their name and identification number will be forwarded to the Dean of the Library/Media Center for possible disciplinary action. The Dean will determine any immediate action or will involve the Vice President of Student Services in another action taken to correct the student/client behavior related to the policy or guideline.

3. Please refer to Emergency Measures (bright orange document) for situations such as bomb threats, crime in progress, fire, etc.

4.   If, after close observation, staff believes that the individual may be a threat either to themselves or others in the building, they should call security. Staff should always try to have another employee with them when enforcing policies and procedures for safety and observation reasons.

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