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One Search: One Search FAQ

One Search is a discovery tool that allows users to search many databases while also getting results from the library catalog. The product we use to bring you One Search comes from a company called Ex Libris. They call this product Primo.

Quick and Dirty One Search Guide

Quick and Dirty Guide to One Search


​Finding the full text

  • You may need to get used to finding the link to full text.
  • Sometimes there will be multiple links to the same resource.

Resources we don't own

  • Your search will find resources that the library does not actually own, but One Search will link to the resource's website anyway, which may be confusing. 
  • We can request these items through Interlibrary loan from another library.

Not all of our databases will show up

  • Individual articles in Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher will not show up, although individual articles in Gale Ebooks will.  This may lead novice researchers to ignore Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher. 
  • Searching via the library's database page will allow you direct access to databases not included in One Search.

What is One Search?

What is One Search?

It is a discovery tool that indexes library databases so you get a search result across the world of library resources. Use the Ray Howard Library One Search to find teaching resources, professional development, and your own research. It is our new, more inclusive universal search box that makes searching library resources more like using Google. You might not notice a difference, since you can still search for books and ebooks, streaming and dvd films, and cd music. But now you can also find articles from databases and other free but vetted resources using one search box. Some databases are not included in One Search, and you can still search them separately. Many universities and colleges also use this tool, so transfer students are already preparing for university experience while at Shoreline Community College.

How do I find my reserves?

How do I find my reserves?

How do I find resources to assign my students?

How do I find resources to assign to my students?

  • Start at the library's home page

  • In the One Search box, type in search terms that describe your topic.

    .Search with One Search

  • Skim through the results list to decide how you want to filter it. 

book about environmental science

  • Once you find a resource you would like to look at, click the title to learn more about it. 

screenshot of One Search

What databases are not included in One Search?

What isn’t in One Search?

  • ​Alldata​
  • ERIC
  • CQ Researcher
  • Opposing Viewpoints
  • Shopkey


How do I help the Ray Howard Library improve One Search?

How do I help the Ray Howard Library improve One Search? 

With new software, there are likely to be problems and opportunities. Report issues you encounter and ideas for improvement here.

How do I search databases that are not included in One Search?

How do I search databases that are not included in One Search?

You can search any of the excluded databases from our databases page. Librarians are available to help you choose appropriate databases. 

databases page




What databases are in One Search?

What Does One Search Contain?

This all-in-one search box finds a variety of materials in many of our resources at once, saving time and organizing search results in one place.

These are the databases that are searched all at once:

  • ProQuest Research Library
  • ArtStor
  • arXiv
  • Gale Ebooks

Some resources show up in the results of One Search that are independent of our database subscriptions. Here are some of those sources that are automatically searched when you use One Search. However, we do not own access to all of these. This means that you and your students may discover resources that are not available through the Ray Howard Library. Some of these are open access databases, so you and your students can access them for free.  For articles from other databases, you will be able, in many cases, to order copies through Interlibrary Loan.

  • SpringerLink
  • EconPapers
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Dialnet
  • DataCite
  • DASH (Harvard Library)
  • SwePub
  • AgEcon
  • DiVA Academic Archive Online
  • SciELO Brazil (Scientific Electronic Library Online)
  • LSE Research Online (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • eScholarship
  • Inderscience Journals 
  • + a lot more!

Piechart of items indexed by Primo

teal colored box 54% Print books, magazines, journals, maps, and more

light grey colored box 21% Electronic newspaper, magazines, and journal articles

dark green colored box 16% Online encyclopedias and non-fiction e-books

light orange colored box 9% Streaming video and other media

How do I find one particular film?

How do I find one particular film?

  • Start at the library home page.

  • Type the title into the box



search the catalog for a particular film

  • Choose the format you would like to use. 

​​screenshot of One Search sorting



How do I put a link to an ebook or article or streaming film in my Canvas classroom?

How do I put a link to an e-book or article or streaming film in my Canvas classroom?

Stick to embedding a link to an article, rather than uploading a copy of the work, in order to comply with copyright law. Look for something called a permalink, link,or bookmark, rather than copying the address from the top bar. You generally cannot use the address from the top bar because those change and the database won't remember them, causing your students to get an error message. Once you locate the permalink, insert the link into your Canvas classroom. Here's an example of finding a permalink in Ebscohost Academic Search Complete:

Once you locate the permalink, insert the link into your Canvas classroom. 

Here's an example from Gale Ebooks. They call it a bookmark, rather than a permalink. 

permalink GVRL example

Here's an example from Proquest Ebook Central. They call it a link. 

permalink proquest ebooks example

What materials does the Ray Howard Library have that I can use to teach my students about One Search?

What materials does the Ray Howard Library have that I can use to teach my students about One Search? 

Use our series of three (3) Youtube videos for a flipped classroom instruction model. 

We are currently at work on Canvas modules you can drop into your course that focus on concepts in using information as well as the mechanics of One Search.

If you teach in Chemistry, Communication Studies, English, or Multicultural Studies, please contact us for library workshops in series of 3-8 sessions. 

Librarians can work with you one on one to master One Search, or other library resources. 

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