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Primo/Alma guide

Primo Highlights

  • Limit your search by peer-reviewed and full-text articles
  • The search box auto-completes
  • Search by academic discipline  
  • Browse similar material on a virtual bookshelf 
  • Browse alphabetically for authors, call numbers, subjects, and/or titles
  • View Article Recommendations related to the one you are reading
  • Primo's E-shelf lets you save and organize resources 

Introducing Primo

What Does Primo Search?

This all-in-one search box finds a variety of materials in many of our resources at once, saving time and organizing search results in one place.

Piechart of items indexed by Primo

 54% Print books, magazines, journals, maps, and more

 21% Electronic newspaper, magazines, and journal articles

 16% Online encyclopedias and non-fiction e-books

 9% Streaming video and other media

What isn’t in Primo?

There are a few databases that will not be included in a Primo search, such as Ebsco and Ovid Nursing Journals. These must be searched separately. If you’re not finding quite the right thing, get in touch with a librarian.

Video Tutorial

Play and then click the YouTube icon to view the video in a larger screen. 

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